Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

This chain of indoor trampoline parks offers freestyle bouncing, dodgeball, fitness programs & more. Visitors can jump on the open arena of trampoline flooring, dive into the Foam Zone to land on a cushioned foam surface or sharpen their skills at trampoline-assisted sports like basketball and volleyball.

When we went it was very crowded and my easily overwhelmed 10-year-old had trouble figuring out where to jump. Once the crowd thinned out he loved jumping in the large foam pit and slam dunking on the slam dunk basketball hoops. Read this first!


This indoor arena is equipped with different zones for various activities and is lined with a trampoline to give you a jumping experience like no other. You can jump and flip high in the air; dive into the Foam Zone to land on a foam surface; play basketball, volleyball, or dodgeball; or dance the night away under black lights at Glow Sky Zone. Guests can also enjoy food and drinks at the on-site cafe. There are separate areas for kids and teens and a mezzanine with couches for adults to hang out while the kids jump. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Upon arrival, you fill out the waiver on a touch screen and pay for admission. You get orange grippy socks with your admission and there are lockers available to rent.

Foam Pit

Imagine that single circular trampoline in your backyard multiplied by a hundred and then add a giant slam-dunk hoop, a 10,000 foam cube pit, and an entire building dedicated to jumping. That’s Sky Zone, the new trampoline park in Elmhurst.

Located in an industrial area off Lake Street, Sky Zone occupies 37,000 square feet and includes three dodgeball courts, a volleyball court, three sky-slam areas with basketball hoops, a Foam Zone where jumpers can dive from a small trampoline onto the soft foam floor below and an air court that allows jumpers to perform tricks and stunts.

The facility offers open jumping, Toddler Time on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and birthday party packages for all ages. Before jumping, first-time jumpers or their parents are required to fill out a waiver that is kept on file. Jumpers are also required to wear special orange grippy socks called SkySocks. Admission starts at $10 for 30 minutes of jumping time. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.


The 37,000-square-foot facility in an industrial area of Lake Street has a main court that can accommodate 54 jumpers at a time, three dodgeball courts, a basketball court, and three sky-slam courts with basketball hoops. There is also a “foam zone” that allows jumpers to dive off trampolines and land in a cushioned foam area. First-time jumpers (or their parents/guardians) must fill out a waiver on a touch-screen electronic machine or online, and employees briefly go over the rules.

Birthday parties make up about 35 percent of the business, and special jump times include Toddler Time from 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday and Friday and Sensory Jump for special needs jumpers from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sunday. Fabian Marquez, 19, of Leyden Township started working at the Elmhurst location in April 2015, his first job.


Sky Zone is an indoor arena where you can experience jumping like never before. You can jump and play basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball on a trampoline or dive into the Foam Zone where you land on a cushioned foam surface. The venue also has a rock climbing wall, an upper mezzanine, and cafe tables to hang out and relax. The business has a high rating of 4.3 stars based on Google reviews from its customers. Continue reading the next article.



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