Do you know an outstanding person in your community?

Why submit your favorite community resident?

We are introducing a new program called SBC Waste Solutions’ Customer of the Month. There are many reasons why you might want to nominate someone in your community to be our Customer of the Month. For example, maybe you know someone who goes out of their way to pick up trash around the neighborhood or maybe you know someone who is always there to lend a helping hand. We are looking to recognize customers who strive to make their community a better place. We know there are a lot of stressful things happening in the world right now, so we want to focus on the positives by acknowledging community members who give back without wanting anything in return.

Your submissions will be confidential unless you specify that you want the candidate to know who nominated them. Please follow the directions for submitting to the Customer of the Month program, which you can find on our website. We think this will be a great opportunity to spread some good vibrations!

  • Fill out the form below

    Fill out the form with the following information, address or resident name, and if possible a phone number or email. Also add why you want to submit this person as the SBC Waste Customer of the Month.

  • Tell us what Town you reside and contact information

    We are only allowing submissions to be made by current SBC Waste Customers. Please submit your information so we can verify in our records you are a customer. Send account number and or address and name. Please describe if you want to remain anonymous.

  • Check all your information and submit

    We will review all submissions and decide internally what submissions win and on what month they will be featured. Please be patient and keep checking the Customer of the Month page to see if your submission made it.

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