We at S.B.C Waste Solutions are excited to be your refuse, recycling, and landscape waste removal provider. We are a family and woman-owned business. Formed by industry veterans, we provide recycling, garbage and trash disposal, and waste management services to the greater Chicagoland area. We also implemented our new Indian Head Part Resident of the Month campaign.

General Instructions

Your collection day will remain the same. All garbage, recycling and yard waste will be collected between the times of 7AM and 5:30PM on your collection day. Please place all items on your curbside between 7PM the night before, and 6AM the day of collection. We are proud to be your new waste removal provider.

Trash & Recycling Collection Day:

Village Wide Collection occurs on Friday‘s

Sticker Purchase Locations:

Address: 6925 Joliet Rd, Indian Head Park, IL 60525
Hours: Open – Close 10pm
Phone: 1(708) 505.3923
Village Hall: 201 Acacia Drive Indian Head Park, IL 60525

These are the recycling guidelines for SBC Waste Solutions in Chicago

These are the recycling guidelines for SBC Waste Solutions



Monthly Fee of $2.50 For Those Who Are Renting A Toter

Holiday Schedule:

Christmas Holiday Collection will be on Friday 24th, 2021 (Same As Usual)

Leaf Vacuuming Information

Leaf Pick Vacuuming Dates:

Week of November 1st
Week of November 15th 
Week of November 29th 

Leaf vacuuming dates for 2021 are to-be-determined, please check your city, county, village, or town website for details. Dates may change due to weather conditions. We ask residents to rake their leaves all the way to the curb, within 2 feet which should be free of any parked vehicles in order to receive collection. To take advantage of this service, make sure your leaves are curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the specified days. SBC will be making one pass by every home located within the identified service areas.

Leaves that are put out after we have serviced the area or are prepared incorrectly will not be collected. If you have questions on how to properly prepare your leaves, please call one of our customer service representatives at (312)522-1115

SBC will NOT perform collection if branches/rocks/garbage/grass clippings are found mixed in with your leaves.

Bulk Items:

“Bulk Items” are items that are too large to fit into a cart or can. Each bulk item will require three stickers.

White Goods:

“White Goods,” are appliances containing CFC, HCFC, PCBs, mercury switches or other hazardous components (refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.). This requires 10 stickers.

Yard Waste Collection:

Weekly brush/yard waste collection will begin the last full week of March, and end on November 30. Residents may use brown kraft bags, each with a sticker affixed. For the first two weekly pickups of the spring, stickers will not be required on yard waste left for collection.

Billing Information:

Subscription customers will receive a bill in advance of the next three months of service. Residents using the subscription option for service may pay electronically, online or by authorized ACH transactions.

Options & Pricing


Please submit the Refuse and Recycling Selection Sheet by September 18th. This form is on the third page of the August 27th letter residents who are included in the Waste Hauling Agreement received. You must submit this sheet so that SBC Waste Solutions can properly bill you and provide you with your desired cart options. Even if you are using refuse stickers you must submit this form. If you do not turn in this form on time then you will be automatically signed up for the largest cart options.

You may submit the form in the silver drop box outside Village Hall or submit it in person at Village Hall. You may also mail it to Village Hall at 201 Acacia Drive, or scan and email it to A copy of the form may also be filled out on our website’s online fillable form center.