At S.B.C. Waste Solutions Inc, our goal is to make sure that nobody at your event ever has the unfortunate experience of not being able to find a clean, comfortable, and available restroom.

We have a great deal of experience in helping our customers prepare for every type of event, from a small remodeling project or outdoor family reunion to a large concert or festival. Here are a few of the types of projects and restroom facilities we have provided for our customers. If you have any questions about your project please give us a call at (312) 522-1115.

S.B.C. Waste Solutions Inc. is your experienced partner in managing all of your portable restroom needs for special events ranging from outdoor weddings to huge out concerts or sporting events.
If you’re planning on having more than a few guests, it’s essential that you provide sufficient access to restroom facilities. There’s nothing worse than having a lot of people that need to go and there’s no where to go.

All of our standard units are constructed with non-porous interior surfaces that prevent the spread of bacteria and germs as well as hands free sanitizers in each unit. Additional features include:

• Maximum floor, wall, and pipe vents to minimize unpleasant odors’s
• Anti-slip floors and smooth, sharp-edge free exterior design to prevent accidental injuries
• User privacy is protected by an interior latch and exterior occupancy indicator to prevent any embarrassing walk-ins
• 85 cubic foot interior provides portable toilet users with spacious comfort
• Translucent roofs allows users to see clearly once inside the restroom while maintaining privacy

We also offer deluxe units which are a popular choice for special events, featuring a roomy interior and a freshwater sink operated by a sanitary, hands-free pump. Whether you’re entertaining 100 people for a wedding or 100,000 for a concert, having conveniently located and clean porta potties helps complete any outdoor function. Having the right portable sanitation in place allows event organizers to focus on all the other details that will impress their guests.
With all of our experience, we can help you arrange for the right number of toilets to match the size and style of your event. Plenty for the comfort and convenience of your guests, but not more than what makes sense for your budget.


We understand that every business has its own specific set of requirements. With hands-on, face-to-face service, we’ll assess your facility so that we can deliver the right solution just for you. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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