Berwyn Collection Days Monday – Friday

Your collection day will remain the same. All garbage, recycling and yard waste will be collected between the times of 7AM and 5:30PM on your collection day. Please place all items on your curbside between 7PM the night before, and 6AM the day of collection.

Cart Distribution

• SBC will deliver a 95-gallon garbage & and 65-gallon recycle cart to each home in late March of 2024.

• SBC cannot provide or guarantee a date and time for new cart deliveries

• Additional organic 35-gallon carts are available for an extra charge of $199 a year.

• Additional organic 65-gallon carts are available for an extra charge of $289 a year.

• Additional organic 95-gallon carts are available for an extra charge of $299 a year.

• Visit SBC Waste Solutions webpage at for an additional or different-size cart

• Call SBC Waste Solutions at (312) 522-1115


Holiday service will be provided one day later than our regular collection if the holiday falls on Sunday through Friday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, service will not be affected.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Labor Day


  • SBC provides weekly collection services for Berwyn.
  • The service includes (1)95-gallon toter and (1)65-gallon recycling toter. You Can also purchase an extra cart for $85 one-time fee.
  • Carts used for this service have wheels, an attached lid, and a long handlebar.
  • One bulk item pickup is offered each week at no extra charge.
  • Collection day is every Monday through Friday.
  • All items must be placed out for collection by 6 AM.
  • Residents have the option to get (1) 35 gallon, (1) 65 gallon, or (1) 95 gallon toter for organics.

No action is needed unless you require additional or smaller carts.


BULK ITEMS are items that are too large to fit into your cart. SBC will collect one (1) bulk item each week for no charge. Items are to be placed alongside your SBC cart(s).


Table | Chair | Mattress | Bed Frame | Box Spring | Fixture | Toy Large Picture or Frame A mattress or box spring must be secured in a plastic mattress cover for health and safety reasons. Mattress covers are available at hardware stores and other retail outlets.


From-home projects may be placed in the SBC container or up to six (6) 35-gallon, non-SBC containers (one cubic yard). • Non-SBC containers may not weigh more than 50 pounds when full. Construction materials cannot exceed four feet (4’) in length/width whether it is containerized or bundled. CARPET is accepted as construction debris. Carpet may be placed out tied in rolls, bundled or containerized so long as containers do not exceed the above descriptions for maximum capacity, length, width, and weight. For items that do not meet the bulk item or construction debris guidelines, please contact SBC at (312) 522-1115 or email with a picture of your item(s) to inquire on a special collection.



The recycling program in Berwyn entails the provision of a 65-gallon recycle cart for each home to enable unlimited weekly service. Garbage and recyclables are collected simultaneously on the same day. To ensure compliance, residents are required to use the carts issued by SBC before resorting to non-SBC cans. All materials for collection should be placed outside by 6 AM on the designated collection day.


Contact SBC at (312) 522-1115 or email for free and schedule an appliance collection.


Air Conditioner | Clothes Dryer | Cook Top & Cooking Plate | Cooker or Bakers Oven Dishwasher | Drying Cabinet | Freezer | Kitchen Stove or Oven Range | Microwave Oven Refrigerator or Refrigeration Equipment | Washing Machine | Water Heater


There is some electronic waste (e-waste) that are banned from Illinois landfills. The Cities FREE program for accepted electronics MUST BE PRE-SCHEDULED by contacting SBC at (312) 522-1115 or email


Computers | Laptops | Computer Monitors | Computer Cables | Cable Receivers Fax Machine | Digital Video Disc Recorders | Digital Converter Boxes | Scanners Televisions | Electronic Keyboards | Electronic Mice Contact Public Works at (312) 522-1115 for questions regarding the Cities E-Waste Drop Off Site.


The Contractor will collect household hazardous waste and electronic waste, including household chemicals, automotive products, paint products, garden chemicals, universal materials, swimming pool chemicals, and electronics. They will provide residents with a customer service phone number, materials for waste disposal, collection date and time, and front door pick-up. The program costs will be included in the monthly service rate.



Yard waste season begins April 1st and runs through the last full week of December each year (Ending December 31st.). SBC will collect yard waste material on the same day as garbage and recycle. All items must be placed out for collection by 6 AM.


Beginning December 25th, Christmas trees are collected for no charge the last week of December through the 2nd full week of January. Must be free of tinsel, lights, and ornaments. Trees can be placed where you receive normal collection.

“Your ideas, inquiries, and feedback matter! Reach out to us freely at (312) 522-1115 or drop us an email at Together, let’s chart a cleaner, greener path for Berwyn – because progress begins one bin at a time.”