SBC Waste Solutions is Your Trusted Partner for Waste Management in Village of Bloomingdale

SBC Waste Solutions is proud to be the official refuse, recycling, and landscape waste removal provider for the Village of Bloomingdale in Bloomingdale, IL. Industry veterans formed our family and woman-owned business, and we have provided reliable recycling, garbage, trash disposal, and waste management services to the greater Chicagoland area for years. As the community has grown and evolved, we have adapted our services to meet the changing needs.

Today, with a population of nearly 22,000, Bloomingdale boasts a country-like environment carefully integrated with commercial, office, and retail development. We offer various waste management services, including yard waste removal, bulk item pickup, and e-waste collection, to help keep your community clean and sustainable. Contact us for reliable and affordable waste management services that meet the needs of your home or business in the Village of Bloomingdale.

Village of Bloomingdale trash collection map

Village of Bloomingdale Trash & Recycling Collection Day

If you reside in the Village of Bloomingdale, please see the map above and locate your home in your marked section. See the color of that section, and identify the associated color on the map legend. Our waste management services are designed to meet the needs of your community, and we work hard to ensure that your trash and recycling are collected efficiently and reliably. Contact us for more information on our trash and recycling collection services in the Village of Bloomingdale.

Yard & Organic Waste Collection for the Village of Bloomingdale

If you are a resident of the Village of Bloomingdale, yard & organic waste is collected from April 1st through November 30th on a pay-per-bag sticker basis or under a yard waste cart rental service available at a flat rate cost (noted on the information card).

Waste consisting of grass clippings, twigs, leaves, plant material, and food scraps must be set out at the curb before 7 a.m. on the collection day in biodegradable Kraft paper bags weighing no more than 50 pounds. The brush can be set out in bundles no longer than 4 feet long and weighing no more than 50 pounds, with the largest branch no more than 4 inches in diameter, with a sticker attached. Plastic bags cannot be accepted. Accepted Food Scraps, includes: Fruits, Vegetables, Rice, Beans, Pasta, Bread, Baked Goods, Grains, Eggshells, Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves), meats, and other food waste is not accepted.

Village of Bloomingdale Billing Rates

Please see the downloadable residential card for basic billing and collection information for our customers in the Village of Bloomingdale. You can download this and print it to keep a physical copy. Contact us for more details on our billing rates for trash and recycling collection services in the residential card.

Senior Discount for Village of Bloomingdale Residents

Seniors need to reapply for senior discounts. This can be done automatically on our senior discount page. Please upload a scan or photo of your State Drivers license or I.D. and the discount will be automatically applied to your account.

Bloomingdale Garage Door Service

We understand that for our senior residents age 75+ or those with a severe physical disability, bringing refuse, recycling, electronic, or yard waste to the curb can be a challenge. To help, we offer solid waste collection from the front of their garage door on a temporary or permanent basis upon request.

This service is available for residents in the Village of Bloomingdale who meet the eligibility criteria. The account holder must provide SBC with evidence of age or limiting physical disability. Proof of permanent disability can be accomplished by the account holder providing by mail or fax a copy of their Illinois Driver’s License, a photocopy of their handicapped license plate, and a reproduction of the applicable vehicle registration. Unique situations or temporary accommodations will be reviewed individually with SBC.

YW Sticker Purchase Locations:

Butera Foods

550 West Lake Street

Caputo’s Fresh Market

166 East Lake Street

Jewel Food Store

2164 South Bloomingdale Road, Glendale Heights

Lens Ace Hardware

272 West Lake Street

Meijer Supermarket

130 South Gary Avenue

Village of Bloomingdale

201 South Bloomingdale Road

Yard Waste Stickers are sold at Village Hall, and most local grocery and hardware stores.

These are the recycling guidelines for SBC Waste Solutions in Chicago

For more information please visit our Recycling Page.

2023 SBC Waste Solutions Holiday Schedule for Village of Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale Holiday hours for 2023

Bulk Items:

You Are Allowed 2 Cubic Yards Of Items Per Collection Day!

  • Bulk is an item over 50 lbs that cannot be set inside the Refuse cart.
  • Collection outside of the cart is restricted to less than 2 cubic yards.

Examples of 2 cubic yards

  • Mattress and box spring set
  • 8 Rolls of Carpet in 5’ length
  • 8 Bundles of Construction Material no greater than 4ft x 4ft
  • (1) 6-foot sofa (Note: sectional would need to be set out in separate weeks to stay under the 2cy limit, or pay additional)
  • 1 Headboard and Bed Frame
  • 2 Recliner Chairs
  • 1 Dining Table and 4 Chairs
  • (4) Cabinets or Drawer and Dresser
  • (2) End Tables/Night Stands, and coffee table
  • (2) White Goods (washer and dryer) accepted

If the volume exceeds 2 cubic yards, please call SBC 48 hours in advance, to arrange collection and to make payment of $25 for each additional cubic yard

Bulk amounts of general household waste needs to be easy to collect, and easy to dispose of. General loose material left at the curb without the proper bundling will be left for the proper preparation.

Village of Bloomingdale Special Pick-Ups

SBC offers dumpster rental and pick-up service for residents with household remodeling and repair projects that generate in excess of two (2) cubic yards of construction and demolition debris that cannot be easily picked up at the curbside. The cost of such a service shall be agreed to by the customer and SBC prior to rendering the service. Special pick-ups will be performed within one week after the customer has agreed to the cost estimate.

Light Bulbs and batteries

Collection bins for household light bulbs (including Christmas lights) and batteries (excluding car and marine batteries) are located inside the Bloomingdale Public Library and Bloomingdale Park District JRC.

E-Waste Collection

E-Waste is collected one (1) collection day per month upon customer request during the first full collection week each month, (Tues, Wed and Thurs all land in the same week). Customers must call SBC at least 48 hours in advance to request collection. Small E-Waste items will be collected without charge. TVs and Computer Monitors require advance payment in accordance with rate schedule. TVs and Computer Monitors require advance payment, please see the Information Card. ($18 up to 21”/$30 over 21”) by calling S.B.C. to make payment.

Refuse and Recycling Carts

New customers may request to switch refuse and/or recycling cart sizes at no cost within 60 days of occupancy to a 35-gallon, 65-gallon, or 95-gallon cart by notifying the SBC by telephone or email.

Special Upcoming Events

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