Image of SBC Waste Solutions' holiday schedule for 2023

SBC Waste Solutions Observes the Following Holidays For 2024

For the year 2024, please take note of our official SBC Waste Solutions Holiday Schedule outlined below, which affects our curbside pickup services. On the listed holidays, curbside pickup services will not be conducted. If the holiday falls on or before your regular pickup day within the week, there will be a ONE-day delay to your service. For example, if your usual pickup day is Friday, the holiday adjustment will shift your service to Saturday for that particular week. This policy ensures our team’s ability to observe these important dates while still providing you with the services you depend upon.

New Years Day

January 1, Monday - CLOSED

As the New Year dawns on January 1st, our services will be taking a short pause to usher in 2024 with joy and festivity. On January 2nd, Tuesday, we'll be back in full swing, eager to serve you in the New Year.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 27th - Curbside pickup will be delayed one day for this week.

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th, we pause to remember and honor the brave souls who served and sacrificed for our nation. Out of respect for this solemn day, our curbside pickup services will be delayed by one day for this week.

Independence Day

Thursday, July 4th - Curbside pickup will be delayed one day for this week.

On Independence Day, Thursday, July 4th, our nation comes together to celebrate a time of patriotic celebration and festivities. To allow our team to partake in these celebrations, we will be adjusting our schedule, resulting in a one-day delay for our curbside pickup services for this week.

Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd - Curbside pickup will be delayed one day for this week.

Labor Day, observed on Monday, September 2nd, is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of our workforce. In recognition of the tireless efforts and contributions of workers everywhere, our curbside pickup services will be deferred by a day for this week.

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 28th - Curbside Pickup will not be delayed for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday services.

On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28th, we gather with loved ones to give thanks and celebrate the abundance of life. Our curbside pickup services for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will remain unaffected by the holiday.

Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 25th - Curbside pickup will be delayed one day for this week.

As Christmas Day falls on Wednesday, December 25th, we invite you to join us in celebrating the magic of this special day. In the spirit of the season, our curbside pickup will experience a one-day delay for this week.