Cosley Zoo 

Located on five acres, Cosley Zoo gives visitors up-close interaction with nature. The AZA-accredited zoo is home to farm animals and wildlife native to Illinois. It also holds various youth-directed programs.

The Coyote Cafe concession stand offers traditional kiddie favorites, such as hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Picnic tables are available for those who wish to bring their own food. Read on to find out more.

Open year-round

This AZA-accredited zoo, located in northwest Wheaton, is a facility of the Wheaton Park District and features domestic animals and native Illinois wildlife. It also hosts various youth-directed programs, including Junior Zookeepers and birthday parties.

There are plenty of things to do at the zoo, from petting the animals in the petting zoo to taking part in a stream cleanup. Kids can even stay overnight or become a zookeeper for a day.

The zoo is small, so there aren’t many crowds, and it has a lot of accessible walkway surfaces that are easy for strollers to maneuver. The zoo also offers some special events throughout the year, such as Fall Family Fun Day. Parking is free. The zoo is also near many local restaurants.


The animal-focused zoo houses both domestic farm animals and native Illinois wildlife. Unlike larger zoos with fences that force visitors to observe animals at arm’s length, Cosley Zoo immerses visitors in natural habitats. This AZA-accredited zoo is open year-round and offers various youth-directed programs. Wheaton Park District residents and children under 17 get free admission, and non-resident adults pay a fee.

The zoo teaches guests about conservation and environmental issues. Its Head Start program helps bolster the wild population of Blanding’s turtles in DuPage County. The zoo partners with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to collect gravid turtles and house them until they hatch. The zoo raises the young turtles at an accelerated rate so that by the time they are released into a local wetland, they will be the size of a wild turtle raised in their natural environment. A must-see place!


The zoo hosts many events throughout the year that promote animal education. These events are held for both children and adults. These events feature a variety of activities, including live entertainment, appetizers, and raffle prizes.

Located in northwest Wheaton, Cosley Zoo is an AZA-accredited zoo that features domestic farm animals and native Illinois wildlife. The zoo offers a variety of programs and educational activities, including Discovery Station presentations, Eco-Exploration Backpack Tours, and Bobcats Behind the Scenes.

The Kiebler Room at the zoo is a versatile event space that can be used for a variety of occasions. The facility offers a base package that includes a variety of complimentary features, such as zoo admission for guests. The staff will happily help you plan your special day.


The zoo offers visitors up-close interactions with nature right in the heart of the suburbs. It is home to domestic farm animals and native Illinois wildlife. It is operated by the Wheaton Park District. The zoo has a number of unique features, including historic barns and the 1887 Chicago & Northwestern train station.

You can also feed the animals at certain times of the day. It is a great place for kids to learn about animals. The zoo is small, which means that the animals are easier to see and interact with. It has accessible walkway surfaces, making it easy for strollers to navigate.

You can bring your own food to enjoy at the picnic tables or buy meals from the Coyote Cafe concession stand. They have many different food options, including kiddie favorites such as pizza and chicken nuggets.


Cosley Zoo Wheaton IL offers visitors up-close interactions with native Illinois wildlife and domestic farm animals. Located in northwest Wheaton, this five-acre AZA-accredited zoo is operated by the Wheaton Park District and prioritizes education through activities and events.

Volunteers support the zoo’s mission by helping with animal care, informal education, and more. The Junior Zookeepers program provides youth aged 7 to 12 with training and hands-on experience in animal care, environmental conservation, leadership, and other skills.

The zoo’s Coins for Conservation display encourages guests to donate spare change to support African penguin conservation efforts, as well as other projects supported by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction). The zoo also participates in FrogWatch USA, which invites citizens to monitor their local wetlands for amphibian population declines. Discover more interesting articles.



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