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SBC Waste Solutions: Pioneers of Sustainable Waste Management in Chicago

SBC Waste Solutions: Pioneers of Sustainable Waste Management in Chicago

Your local garbage collector isn’t simply taking away garbage to hide it in landfills anymore. Today’s waste management companies are responsible partners in creating a cleaner and healthier environment. SBC Waste Solutions, a woman-led waste management company in Chicago, is at the forefront of this movement. Led by CEO Karen Coley and her experienced team, SBC Waste Solutions is pioneering green and sustainable waste management practices in the region, emphasizing their innovative approaches and community impact.

Putting People and the Environment First:

With a combined 100 years of industry experience, CEO Karen Coley and her team at SBC Waste Solutions are experts in waste management. As a family and woman-owned waste disposal company, SBC Waste Solutions places people and the environment at the heart of their operations. Their core values of sustainability, benefit, and capability drive everything they do. They genuinely care about the environment and their clients, working hard to keep Chicagoland clean for future generations.

Educating for a Greener Future:

SBC Waste Solutions goes beyond providing dumpsters and recycle bins. They believe in educating businesses and citizens about the path to an eco-conscious future. From small yard cleanups to large-scale waste removal projects, SBC Waste Solutions demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental safeguarding and community upliftment. They understand that collective action is essential in creating a sustainable future.

Large-Scale Waste Removal

Large-Scale Waste Removal

Supporting Climate Solutions:

In June 2023, SBC Waste Solutions sponsored the GreenTown Climate and Equity Event. This event aimed to unite Chicago communities in the search for sustainable practices across various aspects of modern life. By promoting responsible waste disposal and inspiring climate solutions, GreenTown addressed critical issues such as water conservation, technology innovations, energy, transportation, waste management, workforce development, and equitable solutions to climate change. SBC Waste Solutions actively collaborates with community leaders, including Mayor Katrina Thompson of the Village of Broadview, to find equitable solutions to the climate crisis. This partnership ensures that their initiatives align with local efforts to promote equity and fight climate change.

Guiding Customers Towards Sustainability:

SBC Waste Solutions provides valuable resources on their website to guide customers in their sustainability efforts. Through regular blog posts, they offer practical tips and information on partnering in sustainability. For example, they remind individuals about the importance of recycling aluminum, avoiding single-serve items and disposable packaging, and opting for water filters instead of buying bottled water. By empowering individuals with knowledge, SBC Waste Solutions encourages everyone to contribute to a greener future.

Saving Money through Sustainable Practices:

Sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but can also save businesses money. SBC Waste Solutions understands this and provides businesses with information on how being green and sustainable can lead to cost savings. Waste management is essential for all businesses, but the frequency of trash pickups directly impacts costs. By investing in a commercial waste compactor, businesses can reduce waste disposal fees and improve workplace safety by minimizing cluttered environments. SBC Waste Solutions emphasizes the economic benefits of adopting sustainable waste management practices, making it a win-win situation for businesses and the environment.

Over the past 15 years, Shawn Flood, the vice president of operations and customer care at SBC Waste Solutions, has earned a strong reputation in the waste management and recycling industry. His approach is unique – he aims to create friendships and partnerships with clients, making them feel like part of the community, like one big family. Flood’s love for the industry is infectious, as he proudly proclaims, “I love to talk trash, and that’s literally what I do.”

Karen Coley, CEO of SBC Waste Solutions, shares Flood’s business philosophy and believes in placing customer service at the core of their operations. At SBC, every employee is empowered to deliver exceptional service based on bottom-line principles. This level of empowerment sets SBC apart from others in the industry. Drivers have the autonomy to circle back on any account to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Coley explains that this decision to give employees such authority is not only good for business but also for the community. Even during last winter’s treacherous heavy snowstorms, SBC Waste Solutions drivers braved the elements, picking up their clients’ garbage when other companies failed to provide their services.

The dedication and commitment of the SBC Waste Solutions team have not gone unnoticed. The growing number of customers, which has reached an impressive 40,000 in just five years, is a testament to their outstanding service. Karen Coley and Shawn Flood couldn’t be prouder of their team’s accomplishments.

SBC Waste Solutions continues to excel in waste management while prioritizing diversity and innovation. As Coley envisions the future, her goal is to build an automated/robotic recycling facility, becoming the first woman in that space. This ambitious plan not only makes business sense by processing SBC’s recyclables in-house but also represents an investment in local sustainability. By bringing newer and greener ways to deal with materials, SBC Waste Solutions is leading the way in changing the local industry’s approach to recycling.

Join SBC Waste Solutions in their mission to revolutionize waste management and create a cleaner, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference one bin at a time.

Waste Management Company

Waste Management Company

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