Experiencing Explosive Levels Of Growth

Experiencing Explosive Levels Of Growth

Over the past several years, SBC experienced explosive levels of growth. This is something our CEO, Karen Coley, is incredibly proud of because she knows this growth is the direct result of the amazing team that she has. The team at SBC is passionate about what they do and genuinely care about their customers and the services they provide. One of our favorite things is seeing our drivers polishing up their trucks because we can see firsthand how much they care about the work they do. 

Customer Service

Customer service is one area we are especially proud of at SBC. The members of our customer service team are all patient, understanding, and friendly. They know how to listen. Most importantly, they treat every customer as if they were their neighbors. SBC is not a big corporation. We are a small, independent business. Our customers receive a family touch they wouldn’t get at most other companies. The team is always looking for ways to help customers find solutions that work for them and go out of their way to make sure customers are taken care of from start to finish. 

Part of our commitment to customer service is responsiveness. Shawn Flood is in charge of residential emails. When he receives an email for a service, he ensures that the residential customer receives the service within 24 hours, although his goal is for residents to receive the service within five hours.

Our Culture

SBC has built an amazing culture. While customer care is a part of that culture, our employees are just as important. It makes us happy knowing our employees enjoy working for SBC. People regularly walk into our office to ask if we’re hiring because they have heard from others that SBC is a great place to work. One reason our employees enjoy working at SBC is because they recognize that we are invested in the future. In recent months, we have invested heavily in equipment. We also have an amazing new fleet of trucks. We are invested in the future of the company and in our employees. Above all else, we are invested in creating a well-built culture that feels like a family.