What Effects Does Waste Have on the Environment?

What Effects Does Waste Have on the Environment

The waste that we produce as humans has a profound impact on the environment, affecting everything from wildlife, to public health, to the climate. Waste management is an extremely important industry because responsible waste disposal and recycling can reduce the negative effects that residential, commercial, and industrial waste have on the environment and help make the Earth more sustainable.

Climate Change

Improper waste disposal has a major effect on the climate. The waste that ends up in landfills releases methane gas over time. Moreover, landfills are only one way trash is disposed of. Forty percent of the world’s trash ends up being burned. The burning of refuse emits large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse glasses. Waste management companies like SBC help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by redirecting waste from landfills into recycling centers. 


When waste is not disposed of in a responsible manner, it often ends up polluting oceans, lakes, and other marine ecosystems. Most animals can’t distinguish between food and garbage, which can lead marine animals to consume materials that are hazardous to their health. Water pollution has contributed to rising numbers of endangered and extinct marine life. Land and air pollution also affect biodiversity. Contaminated soil and air can create inhospitable environments for plant life, which, in turn affects the animals that rely on vegetation for survival. Proper waste management reduces pollution and helps protect plants and wildlife. 

Public Health

The way waste management companies process garbage also serves a public health-related purpose. Unprocessed refuse is a hotbed for bacteria and disease-carrying insects. Land and water pollutants can also serve as hosts for diseases. When done right, waste management can improve sanitation and help prevent the spread of disease.

SBC works hard to ensure we dispose of and process garbage and other waste responsibly. We recognize the important role waste management has on climate change and public health, as well as creating a clean environment where plants and animals can thrive