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Karen Coley’s Woman-led SBC Waste Solutions Leads Personalized Waste Management

Karen Coley’s Woman-led SBC Waste Solutions Leads Personalized Waste Management

In the dynamic world of waste management, where bigger isn’t always better, Karen Coley’s SBC Waste Solutions emerges as a beacon of personalized service and innovation. Transitioning from the high-stakes world of event planning, Coley’s new venture embodies a commitment to providing Chicago residents with a more intimate and customer-centric waste management experience.

A Shift from Extravagance to Essentials

Coley’s journey into waste management wasn’t a conventional one. Having orchestrated extravagant events, including renting out the Sistine Chapel, she realized that the essence of success lies not just in grandeur but in addressing everyday needs. The result? SBC Waste Solutions is a small, family-owned company that puts personal service at the forefront.

The Power of Local Connections

Unlike major corporate waste companies with call centers scattered across the country, SBC Waste Solutions keeps it local. Their call centers, nestled in the heart of Chicago, are staffed by individuals who live and breathe the same city air as their customers. Shawn Flood, a representative from SBC, emphasizes their commitment to a personal touch that extends to being available to customers even at 10 o’clock at night.

“Customers can call one of the owners of this company on their personal cell phone, and other companies don’t offer that,” Flood highlights. This accessibility sets SBC apart, fostering a level of service that goes above and beyond competitors.

The Personal Side of Garbage

Garbage, a seemingly mundane aspect of life, becomes a personal concern for many. SBC Waste Solutions recognizes this and meets the demand for a more personalized service in the waste management industry. Flood notes, “The consumer craves a more personalized service in our industry. People want their garbage picked up, and they want it picked up now.”

Garbage Pick Up Services

Garbage Pick Up Services

A Remarkable Shift, Propelled by Determination

The inception of SBC Waste Solutions was a bold move by Karen Coley. Fueled by her experience of being undervalued and underpaid in a previous role, she decided to forge her path. Flood recounts, “I told her, ‘You’ve got so much talent, you’ve got so much grace, you’re so smart. Go start your own company. And she did!”

Coley’s journey from a boss’s disregard to leading a waste management company showcases the resilience and determination that define her entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovation in Unexpected Places

In a surprising twist, Coley introduced a unique feature to SBC Waste Solutions – cameras on their garbage and recycling trucks. This innovative approach not only aids in ensuring driver safety but has proven instrumental in solving crimes, providing valuable footage to law enforcement.

Women Leading the Charge

SBC Waste Solutions proudly earned its Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certification, a testament to the influence and impact of women in Chicago who recognized and celebrated a woman entering the traditionally male-dominated waste management market.

Despite challenges in hiring more women for positions on garbage trucks, Coley remains unwavering. “You know, for being on a garbage truck, we don’t get a lot of women applying for those jobs, but our office is filled with women,” notes Flood. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion remains a work in progress.

Conclusion: Redefining Waste Management

Karen Coley’s journey from orchestrating grand events to leading a personalized waste management company highlights the transformative power of determination and innovation. SBC Waste Solutions, with its local touch, commitment to personalized service, and groundbreaking initiatives, is reshaping the landscape of waste management in Chicago. As Coley continues to break barriers and set new standards, her story stands as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the impact of a woman-led business in unexpected industries.

Waste Management

Waste Management

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