What We Do Best


When you think of waste management and recycling you often think of just garbage. However at SBC we are more than just a Chicago garbage company, we are an all inclusive waste management solution for your business or residents. We offer an array of services that are beneficial to you and the environment, please read what we do best.


S.B.C Waste Solutions has roll-off containers for every type of trash removal project. We offer four different sizes: 10, 15, 20, and 30 yards. (Dimensions are approximate and my vary slightly from container to container.) Our containers cannot be used for asbestos, hazardous waste, paints, oils, liquids, medical waste, batteries, and tires and appliances containing CFC because these substances are prohibited for waste removal. However, our roll-off containers are perfect for lumber, drywall, wooden furniture, yard waste, and other non-toxic materials.


Our’ rear-load containers are designed for easy and convenient trash removal. Our containers meet the American National Standards Institute guidelines for refuse bins (Z-245.3). Our rear-load service is perfect for grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, and apartments. We understand that each business has its own set of needs, so we offer a variety of sizes and styles. Note: the length of the container includes the trunnion bar, back channels, and lid ears. The width is measured from the the trunnion bar’s length, which is the widest point of the dumpster. We can work with you to determine what size will best suit  your space.


If you need a front-load service and live in Chicagoland, we can help. Our containers come in a variety of convenient sizes giving them the versatility to fit the needs of any construction, demolition, industrial, commercial or residential site. Please note that the dimensions may differ slightly from container to container because of manufacturing variance. We can help you determine what size will work best in your space. We tailor our service schedule to fit your needs. If you would like more information about the sizes that are available in your area or to learn more about our service schedule, please contact us at (312) 522-1115.


We aim to help businesses, academic institutions, medical facilities, and residential buildings reduce the amount of waste they put into landfills. Recycling conserves limited natural resources and helps keep the air and water around us cleaner. Recycling saves energy and reduces pollution, both of which are necessary for sustaining life on Earth. We offer the highest quality vehicles and equipment to collect your recyclables. Our sorter system can separate wood, steel, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and tin. Once we sort the materials, we transport them on a conveyor system where they are then turned into raw materials and repurposed.

Commercial & Apartment

S.B.C. Waste Solutions works with all sizes of retail stores, shopping centers, apartment complexes, entertainment venues, hotels, and restaurants to meet their recycling needs.  Recycling conserves limited natural resources and helps keep the air and water around us cleaner. We are committed to finding new ways to repurpose waste so that future generations can continue to enjoy all that Earth has to offer. We offer the best equipment to collect your recyclables, from large roll off containers a to stand-alone cardboard containers. If you are in the Chicago area and need recycling solutions for your business, we would be happy to help you.

Construction & Demolition

Our recycling solutions extend to construction and demolition sites as well. Our goal is to make recycling as convenient as possible. That is the best way to prevent recyclable waste from ending up in landfills. We offer recycling services 24/7. Our construction and demolition services include:  Material Recovery and Waste Reduction, Single stream or specified commodity recycling, and Roll-off service. Our roll-off containers come in a 30, 20, 15, or 10-yard capacity and are equipped with lids to help deter theft.
We customize all our recycling solutions. Our main goal is to make recycling an easy activity for your staff, tenants, or customers.