A Woman Owned Garbage Company in Chicago

SBC is celebrating its third anniversary as a company, as a new Garbage Company in Chicago there is a lot to prove. It has been an incredible three years. The owner, Karen Coley, had high hopes from the beginning because she recognized what a great opportunity this venture was. She had the chance to team up with two of the best, most passionate professionals in the Chicago market.  It was basically like having Tom Brady and Gronkowski available to start your team. We had an incredible team right off the bat, which allowed us to really put our best foot forward.

Over the past three years, one thing that hasn’t changed is how much all of us love working in the trash industry. We have lobbied for the industry for years and have always loved garbage and trash. SBC also loves working with people. A big part of the job is meeting new people, building friendships, and forming partnerships with clients. We value each relationship we have developed since we started SBC. At the end of the day, we want all of our employees and customers to feel like they are a part of our family. Being the best Garbage Company in Chicago is our primary business focus, and it all starts with great customer service.

What Drives Us

Customer service is at the core of what we do. One thing we are proud of is how we empower every single employee to deliver that bottom-line based level of service, which is unlike anything else in the industry. For example, we allow our drivers to circle back for any reason to make sure that customers are completely satisfied with their service for the day. Our drivers even work during extreme winter weather when a lot of other companies suspend services, not because we make them, but because they want to. The support team and drivers have also been hard at work throughout the entirety of the pandemic. This fact makes us so proud. The commitment our drivers show is nothing short of commendable. We look at how dedicated our employees are, and we know we are taking the right approach with our business by empowering our employees. 

Our Rapid Growth

One thing that happened in the last three years which meant a lot to Shawn Flood was securing a partnership with the Village. Shawn lives in Bloomingdale, and it has always been a dream of his to be able to pick up his own garbage each week. Signing the contract with the Village of Bloomingdale was a moment he will never forget and one of the proudest accomplishments. To be able to service his neighbors, as well as his own home, means the world to him. We truly appreciate Shawn Flood for this. He is the type of person who would pick up people’s trash in his own vehicle if there was an emergency and his neighbors couldn’t get their waste disposed of.

The fact that we are a woman-owned business is another thing we are extremely proud of. Since SBC opened its doors, a lot of people have asked Karen Coley what it is like owning a business in such a male-dominated space. Karen loves working in the waste management industry and genuinely believes she is in the right place at the perfect time. Woman-owned businesses are soaring right now, and it is exciting to be a part of that trend. As a company, we approach business one day at a time, while still looking toward the future. When you are out there selling every single day, being a woman-owned and family-owned business sets us apart and helps us stand out. If you want to be the best garbage company in Chicago, you have to put in the work. 

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to empower our employees to deliver an unbeatable level of service. We want to serve communities, and we want to serve individuals. We want to make the day of the little kid who loves garbage trucks and runs down the driveway each week to wave hello to the truck driver. We bring an energy and passion no one else in the industry brings, and that is something to be proud of.