Chicago Garbage Trucks

Chicago Garbage Trucks

At SBC Waste Solutions, we name each of our garbage trucks after a trait, person, or cause that means a lot to us. The SBC trucks serve to remind us what we stand for and what we strive to emulate in our day-to-day work. 

Coley Strong

Our Breast Cancer Awareness truck is one of the trucks we are most proud of. We had the garbage truck custom-made to show our support for everybody whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer, including our CEO, Karen Coley. We stand with all the breast cancer survivors and all the individuals who are currently battling breast cancer. 

Love You More

Love You More is named after the matriarch of our family, who has since passed. She taught us what it meant to love with all your heart and to show up for the people you care about. We put our hearts into SBC in her honor. We practice love in our work by leading with compassion. We care a lot about our team members and our customers and do our best to treat them as if they’re part of our family. 


Our truck named Reliable represents one of our most important values. We know how much our customers count on us to deliver punctual and quality service. We aim to be a provider you can depend on to always be there to not only haul your trash but to do so with care.


As a company, we take pride in knowing our drivers are kind and decent people. From greeting customers with a warm hello to providing walk-up services to senior citizens and individuals with mobility difficulties, it is our goal to be friendly and community-oriented. 


One of our trucks is named Humility. We know there is always room for growth and improvement. We make it a point to stay grounded and to be open to learning new things. We want to become better and better as a service provider so it is important to us that we always stay humble. 


As a family-owned business, loyalty means a lot to us. We have a commitment to each other, as well as a commitment to the businesses and homeowners we are lucky enough to call customers. You can count on us to always have your back.


We have passion for trash and the garbage industry. We put this passion into everything we do. We are always out there trying to find new ways to use trash and better ways to recycle and improve sustainability.


Sympathy is another meaningful value that we have as a company. We understand that many of our customers have struggles, even if it is just them having a bad day. We try to always show compassion and empathy and do our part to make your day better instead of worse.


Our Magnanimous reminds us of the significance of community. SBC is more than just a business to us. It is an opportunity for us to give back to the communities of Chicago that we love and cherish. We take part in many different charity events and sponsor organizations that are doing great work to make the communities of Chicago a better place to live.

As we continue to build our fleet of SBC trucks, we will continue to highlight the values and traits that we believe are crucial to a successful business and to put in the work needed to demonstrate these values each and every day by leading by example.

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