Introducing Our New Truck Coley Strong

We recently revealed the newest edition to our fleet of trucks— “Coley Strong”. As the name suggests, we designed the truck in honor of our CEO, Karen Coley, who is a cancer survivor, and to the Coley Family. Cancer affects almost everyone in the country, and we pray every day that a cure is found.

We made “Coley Strong” pink for breast cancer awareness, but we want to raise awareness for all forms of cancer. Karen’s brother, Curtis, also won the battle against cancer just one month ago, so cancer awareness, in general, means a lot to our family. We want to show our support to each and every person in our community who is struggling with cancer right now. Our hearts are with you and your family as you go through this battle.

In Loving Memory of William Coley

The truck is especially dedicated to Karen’s father, William Coley, who we lovingly called “Grampy Boy.” William taught his family how to overcome obstacles and how to stay strong during times of adversity. Williams lived his life with kindness and humility, and that is something to be proud of. 

Last week, we surprised Karen with the Coley Strong truck we made as a tribute to her and her family. While it was hard keeping the truck a secret, the reveal was a truly special moment that we will all cherish. We captured her reaction in a video, which we have attached to the blog. We encourage you to watch the video and share it. Karen’s reaction is priceless.

Shout Out to EJ Equipment and Transportation

We want to thank our friends at EJ Equipment & Transportation. This wonderful team supplied us with our new cancer awareness truck, which we regard as the most beautiful truck in the Chicago market. We appreciate all of your support and your commitment to helping us become a leader in cancer awareness. Our newest truck genuinely means the world to everyone in the SBC family. We also want to thank the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a charity that supports individuals suffering from breast cancer.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation helped Karen during one of the most challenging times of her life. SBC appreciates all of the work that this wonderful organization does to support breast cancer patients. We hope our new truck can help raise awareness for a devastating disease that affects millions of people every single year.