Woman Owned Waste Hauler Recognized by Waste Advantage Magazine

Diversity and Inclusion at SBC Waste Solutions

Woman Owned Waste Hauler Recognized by Waste Advantage Magazine

From Humble Beginnings to Flourishing Success

SBC Waste Solutions recently had the privilege of appearing as a spotlighted business in Waste Advantage Magazine. The article recognized the strong teamwork that has helped make SBC a success story in the waste management industry. The magazine highlighted how SBC started as a small business with four trucks and, in five short years, has grown into a flourishing business with a fleet of 50 trucks and a team of over 60 dedicated employees.

SBC Waste Solutions’ Environmental and Community Commitment

The leadership team at SBC Waste Solutions feels strongly about the importance of community and sustainability. SBC wants to have a positive impact on the environment and give back to the community in ways that truly make a difference. By working with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and with the Village of Broadview’s Sustainability Board, SBC wants to lead by example and demonstrate that inclusion and community engagement are not only good for the environment but also for business.

Safety First

One thing SBC is really proud of is that we’re being commended for the way we treat our employees. SBC has several important goals that it continuously works on. One of these goals is to take good care of their employees. SBC is a proud member of the AFL/CIO Union and holds safety meetings every month. Waste management is one of the most dangerous industries out there, but SBC works hard at fostering an organizational culture where safety is a top priority. 

The article also touched on some of SBC’s plans to build off their current momentum and continue growing exponentially. Part of this plan includes employing the best leadership and sales team in the industry and investing in solar panels. SBC is proud of all they have accomplished in its first five years in business and looks forward with immense anticipation to what the next five years bring. SBC would like to thank  Waste Advantage for including them in their magazine and for shining a light on the story of SBC and the hardworking team behind the company.

Proud to Be a Women-Owned Business and WBENC Member

As a woman-owned business, SBC Waste Solutions is proud to be a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The WBENC is an organization that helps women-owned businesses succeed by improving access to resources and providing opportunities for learning and development. 

The story behind SBC Waste Solutions has had a profound effect on how the company perceives diversity and inclusion. SBC is the first woman-owned waste hauler in the mainstream market in the Midwest. Karen Coley, the CEO and founder of SBC, has leveraged her leadership skills and her commitment to diversity and inclusion to turn SBC into one of the fastest-growing waste haulers in the region.

For more information, contact Karen Coley, President of SBC Waste Solutions, Inc., at (708) 828-0026 or visit sbcwastesolutions.com.


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