SBC Waste Solutions Partners with Chicago Wolves to Promote Recycling

SBC Partners with Chicago Wolves to Promote Recycling

SBC Waste Solutions is excited to team up with the Chicago Wolves for the 2024 hockey season to promote recycling. As part of our sponsorship of the Wolves, we are providing Chicago hockey fans with helpful recycling tips. We’re hopeful that this partnership will get people excited about recycling and help make the great city of Chicago cleaner and healthier for everyone. 

Recycling Aluminum Cans

Recycling aluminum saves 90-95% of the energy needed to produce aluminum. Aluminum is one of the best materials to recycle because it is significantly more energy efficient to manufacture aluminum products out of recycled aluminum than to create new aluminum for manufacturing purposes using virgin resources. Another great quality of aluminum is that it can be recycled over and over again. A fun fact is that the energy saved by recycling one aluminum can is the same amount of energy expended by watching TV for three hours or listening to the full album on your phone. 

Check Labels 

One of the best ways you can improve your household’s recycling output is to read labels. Many products now have a recycling symbol on their labels to indicate the product is made from material that can be recycled. It is also a good idea to actively seek out products that have keywords such as biodegradable, non-toxic, and all-natural, especially when buying products like cleaning supplies, paints, and other products that potentially contain hazardous chemicals.

Avoid Disposable Packaging and Single-Serving Items

One way to reduce waste in your household is to invest in reusable containers. Eliminating disposable packaging and single-serving items just in the context of lunches can save a family around $250 a year. The saving can be even higher if applied on a larger scale. Opting for glass or aluminum containers over plastic can make a real difference because the overuse of plastics has a variety of harmful effects on the environment, such as endangering wildlife and releasing toxic chemicals into the air. 

Invest in a Water Filter

More than a quarter of bottled water on the market in the US comes from tap water. With that in mind, you can save a lot of energy, water, and money by investing in a water filter and a reusable water bottle, preferably one made out of glass, aluminum, or other environmentally-friendly material. Using reusable water bottles also helps keep plastic bottles out of the ocean.

Promote Recycling

Partnering with the Chicago Wolves combines two of our greatest passions: ice hockey and the environment. We love showing our support to the athletes who make Chicago one of the greatest cities on Earth for sports fans. It is also an amazing opportunity to spread awareness about the benefits of recycling.