GreenTown Climate and Equity

GreenTown Climate and Equity Event

GreenTown Climate and Equity Exploring a Wide Range of Sustainability Topics

SBC is sponsoring the GreenTown Climate and Equity event on June 22, 2023. GreenTown brings together communities across Chicagoland to address climate change, equity, and sustainability. Topics that will be discussed at the event include water conservation, technology innovations, energy, transportation, waste management, workforce development, and equitable solutions to climate change. At the event, the key speaker. Dr. Tony G. Reames will talk about the interconnection between climate, equity, and economic development.

The Role of Waste Management in Combating Climate Change

Events like GreenTown play a significant role in the waste management opportunity because they provided industry leaders the opportunity to learn more about how to responsibly dispose of waste and to collaborate with other leaders in the community who share the common goal of promoting sustainability and equity. Waste management plays an important role in tackling the climate crisis. Irresponsible removal of waste leads to air, water, and soil pollution and increases emissions of methane, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases. In contrast responsible waste disposal and recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission, and energy consumption.

The Importance of Addressing Climate Change and Equity Together

As a company, SBC is committed to supporting industry growth and development. GreenTown will be an incredible opportunity to network with other companies and leaders in the community who share our values and our mission to make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place for everyone. SBC plans to take what we learn from the experience to improve our services and help residents and businesses in the communities accomplish their environmental goals. 

Strengthening Partnerships with Public and Private Sector Leaders

Another reason SBC is excited about the event is Katrina Thompson, Mayor of the Village of Broadview, is on the GreenTown planning committee. SBC headquarters are in Broadview, and SBC recently became the residential waste hauler for the Broadview area. Mayor Thompson has been a role model for SBC Waste Solutions because of her dedication to promoting equity and fighting climate change, and the team is looking forward to collaborating with Mayor Thompson and other leaders in Chicagoland who are working hard to find equitable solutions to the climate crisis. In the future, SBC plans to support similar events to GreenTown and to continue to collaborate on sustainability initiatives with community leaders, both in the private and public sectors. 

Proud Sponsor of the GreenTown Climate and Equity Event 2023