The History and Importance of the Commercial Dumpster

The History and Importance of the Commercial Dumpster

Who Created the Commercial Dumpster

Sometimes the history of things seems non important, however, the importance of the commercial dumpster is an important part of how we manage trash today. The word “dumpster” stems from the Dempster-Dumpster system, which is a system patented in 1935 by George Roby Dempster that involved loading standardized containers onto trucks mechanically. These standardized containers became known as Dumpsters, which is a combination of the name Dempster and the word dump. Dempster operated a construction company with his two brothers, and invented the dumpster as a way to make it easier to collect and dispose of construction debris. In the 1950s, George Dempster also created the first commercially successful front-loading garbage truck in the US, which he coined the Dempster Dumpmaster. 

The Importance of the Commercial Dumpster

The commercial dumpster was revolutionary because it decreased the amount of labor needed to collect and transport debris and other waste by as much as 75%. Before the advent of the dumpster, sanitation workers shoveled waste onto flatbed trucks as the method for hauling waste. This required teams of sanction workers and a lot of manual labor. With the invention of the dumpster, a single person now had the ability to collect the container of garbage and haul it away.

The Front Load Garbage Truck

The front-loading garbage truck made the process of waste disposal even more efficient. One drawback of the early dempster-dumpster system was that after picking up a dumpster, the truck had to drive the dumpster to a landfill and empty it before it could collect another dumpster. Considered the first modern-day garbage truck, the Dumpmaster, made it possible for a single driver to now collect garbage from many different dumpsters back to back. 

The Dempster Brothers spent most of their careers working towards the mission of making garbage disposal more efficient for businesses. As a preeminent Chicago dumpster rental company, SBC continues this mission, as we work hard to make garbage pickup and recycling convenient and hassle-free for businesses and homeowners in Chicagoland.

Who Can Benefit From A Commercial Dumpster?

Some of the businesses that benefit the most from dumpsters include restaurants, property management companies, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Residential customers can also benefit from the ability to rent dumpsters. Dumpster rentals can make processes like spring cleaning, moving, and remodeling much easier.