Invest in a Commercial Waste Compactor for Your Business

Benefits of Investing in a Business Waste Compactor

Can a waste compactor can change your business? While waste management is essential for any business, it is typically the case that the more frequently a business requires trash pickup, the more the business will spend on trash collection and recycling. Businesses that generate a lot of waste such as warehouses, grocery stores, factories, and hotels can save time, space, and money by investing in a commercial waste compactor

Saving Money Through Trash Compaction

Trash compaction reduces the volume of waste your business generates. This means your waste management provider doesn’t need to pick up your trash as frequently, which lowers the amount of money your business needs to spend on trash collection. How much a trash compactor decreases the volume of the waste a business generates largely depends on the type of waste, as some waste is bulkier than others. For many companies who use a commercial compactor, they can go from requiring trash pickup once a week to once a month, which can translate into a 60% savings. 

How Trash Compaction Improves Workplace Safety

Overflowing dumpsters can create an unsafe environment. This is especially for worksites and workplaces that have limited space. Trash compaction can help keep your place of business clean and free of debris, reducing the risk of on-site accidents. The presence of garbage trucks can also be an inconvenience for sites that have a lot of foot or car traffic, such as condominiums and apartment complexes. For this reason, the use of a trash compactor can help reduce noise and traffic on your property. Another way compaction improves workplace safety is by helping to contain types of waste that can lead to worksite injuries, such as objects with sharp edges and materials that are combustible. Moreover, trash compaction is a more sanitary way to store waste. 

Waste Compactor Solutions for Your Chicago Business

SBC Waste Solutions offers a wide range of commercial waste compactors to accommodate many different business needs, including stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, vertical compactors, and apartment compactors. Whether your business generates dry waste, wet waste, or a mixture of both, SBC can find a solution that works for your company. We also have compaction solutions for businesses that generate large volumes of recyclables and businesses that have space limitations. SBC will work with you to find the compactor solution that best meets the needs of your business and provides you with the best value possible.