Winfield, Illinois Residents of the month for June 2021

Congratulations to the Resident and Senior Resident of the Month for June 2021. On behalf of SBC, we want to thank these two incredible individuals for the role they play to make the community of Winfield such a great place to live.

Michael M. from Winfield, Illinois


We would like to congratulate Michael M. from Winfield, IL for being named June’s Resident of the Month. Eric Flood had the chance to stop by Michael’s house to deliver his prize, which included some SBC swag and a gift card to Home Depot. It was great to hear such wonderful feedback from you. Thank you for being the kind of neighbors others can look up to.

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Greg P. from Winfield, Illinois


Congratulations to Greg P. from Winfield, Illinois. We are honored to call you our Senior Resident of the Month for June. We paid Greg a visit on garbage day to give him his prize. Greg has been a long-time resident of Winfield and has always been a shining light in the community. We are happy to hear your neighborhood has had a great experience with SBC. Thank you again for all you do for the community of Winfield.

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